How to group and consolidate shifts

For an employee scheduled to work back to back shifts within the same position or when using SubItUp’s Time Clock, the group and consolidate shifts feature can be extremely beneficial.

UPDATE: The group and consolidate tool is now underneath the "Schedule Tools" tab on the right-side of the calendar page. Please see screenshot below for exact placement.

Calendar Update Schedule Tools


  • Once shifts are grouped and consolidated, they cannot be reversed. Employees will have to drop and pick up the entire consolidated shift unless you turn on DROP PARTIAL SHIFTS in your Position Settings. Click here to learn how to turn on the drop partial shift feature. 
  • Consolidating shifts is especially helpful in SubItUp when using the time clock. If an employee has multiple shifts within the same position scheduled back to back, they will need to clock in/out for each shift. Consolidating back to back shifts will only require one clock in and out.