How to edit an employee's availability for hourly-based positions

As a manager, you can adjust or delete your employee's availability on the back end on their behalf.

To edit availability:

How to edit employee hourly availability

  1. In the left-side toolbar, select STAFF
  2. Under the EMPLOYEE section, select the employee whose availability you would like to edit. 
  3. At the top of the page, select the AVAILABILITY tab. 
  4. Click on the POSITION you would like to edit. 
  5. Use the arrow tabs at the top-left to find the day you would like to edit.
  6. To edit availability:
    1. To move the existing availability earlier or later, click and drag the time up or down to the new start or end time.
    2. To adjust the length of time, hover over the bottom-center of the blue availability box on the small white hashes until an arrow appears, click and hold to adjust the timeframe. 
    3. To delete availability, click on the red TRASH CAN on the bottom-right corner of the availability box. 


  • The time entered indicates when the employee is available to work. By default, all other times will be marked as not available. 
  • You can also re-open a specific employee's availability to allow the employee to update their availability and re-submit instead of editing on their behalf. Click here to view how to open availability.