How to create an event

Use our event wizard to easily create an event template to collect availability and schedule staff.

To create an event:


In the left-side toolbar, select EVENTS > CREATE EVENT.
  2. If applicable, enter GL CODES and click NEXT STEP. To skip this step, click NEXT STEP. 
  3. If applicable, enter TYPE and click NEXT STEP. To skip this step, click NEXT STEP. 
  4. If applicable, enter GENRE and click NEXT STEP. To skip this step, click NEXT STEP. 
  5. Enter START DATE and END DATE and click NEXT STEP. Dates can span multiple days. 
  6. If applicable, update DAY NAMES.
    • If you have a multi-day event, you can update the name for each day if you choose. For example, Swim Meet - Day 1, Swim Meet - Day 2, etc. 
  7. To enter the location of the event, choose ALL DAYS ARE THE SAME or CHOOSE FOR EACH DAY.
    • For multi-day events, you can customize a location for each day. 
  8. Select the LOCATION from the drop-down menu or CREATE A NEW LOCATION and click NEXT STEP.
  9. To add positions, select POSITIONS or SELECT FROM TEMPLATE. 
    • To add using POSITIONS:
      • Select POSITIONS.
      • Click CHOOSE POSITIONS FOR THIS DAY in the white toolbar and select positions. 
      • Click NEXT STEP: ADD TIMES.
    • To add using SELECT FROM TEMPLATE:
      • Templates must be previously created to use SELECT FROM TEMPLATE. To learn how to create and save event templates click here. 
      • Click on SELECT FROM TEMPLATE.
      • CHOOSE AN EVENT TEMPLATE from the drop-down menu. 
      • Click NEXT STEP: ADD TIMES.
  10. Enter shift details and click the green ADD THIS SHIFT FOR "POSITION NAME."
  12. Repeat for each position.
  13. To review or edit your template, click on the blue VIEW DETAILS arrow. 
  14. To edit, click EDIT POSITION & TIMES. 
  15. Click CREATE EVENT.


  • You can save your template to be used in the future to save time. Click here to learn how to save an event template.