How to use the Time Clock Map

See where your staff were when they clocked in and out during a designated time frame.


1. From the DASHBOARD, select TIME CLOCK from the left-side toolbar.


3. In the white drop-down tab, select the POSITIONS in which you would like to see.

4. In the date picker, choose the START DATE and END DATE.

5. Click SEARCH.

6. A satellite map will appear with GREEN markings for all clock-ins and RED markings for all clock-outs.

7. Click on each individual marking to see who clocked in or out at the specified time.

8. In the right hand toolbar, click on the individuals who you would like to see punch information for. The tool will filter all others out. If their name is highlighted, you will be able to see their punches on the map.


NOTE: Please be advised that a margin of error of up to 800 feet can exist for the time clock punch locations. This can vary due to the device's GPS tracking capabilities.