How to use the roster punch on a time clock device

Manually clock employees in and out of shifts on your time clock device using the roster punch tool.

First, your device must be configured with the roster tool turned on and the device authorized. Click here to learn how to configure a device to be used as a time clock. 


To use the roster punch

Roster punch

  1. On the time clock screen, navigate to the top-right corner and click on the PEOPLE ICON
  2. Enter manager credentials to sign in to roster management.
  3. The current day's shifts will populate, you can use the FILTER button at the top of the page to truncate the list of shifts by position, area, shift start and shift end times. 
  4. To manually clock in or out an employee, click on the EMPLOYEE NAME.
  5. Under PUNCH FOR TIME, click on the drop-down menu and select an option to clock in or out the employee. Options include: Current time, shift start/end time or custom time.
  6. If applicable, enter PUNCH NOTE.
  7. Click CLOCK IN or CLOCK OUT.


  • The staff roster page will track the status of the employee under the IN/OUT column next to the employee name. These icons are identical to the icons used in the TIME CLOCK DATA REPORT
    • Black Circle - Employee has not clocked in or out of the shift. 
    • Green Check Mark - Employee is clocked in.
    • Red X - Employee has clocked in and out for their shift.