How to manage your created survey templates and view survey responses

Learn how to edit, copy and delete survey templates, as well as view responses to these surveys.


1. In the left-side tool bar, select COMMUNICATE, then hover over SURVEYS. In the right-side pop-out, select VIEW SURVEY TEMPLATES.

2. For each survey, you have the option to DELETE, EDIT, COPY or VIEW RESPONSES.

3. To view responses, select the EYE icon in the row of the survey you wish to access.

4. Select SHOW / HIDE COLUMNS to configure what information you need to see from each response.

5. PRINT the response or export them to a CSV by selecting the corresponding icons.

6. Click on an individual response to see the full survey that was submitted.

7. You can EDIT or DELETE the entry here if you have access.

8. Filter and search responses by using the filter tab on the right-side of the page.