How to edit an employee's availability for shift-based positions


  1. In the left-side toolbar, select STAFF
  2. Under the EMPLOYEE section, select the employee you would like to edit availability for. 
  3. At the top of the page, select the AVAILABILITY tab. 
  4. Click on the POSITION you would like to edit availability for. 
  5. At the top of the page, choose the day of the week you would like to enter availability for. 
  6. There are 3 ways to edit your employee's availability or enter it on their behalf. You must enter unique availability for each individual day:
    1. Click on an individual shift for a position, in the pop-up box, click on  AVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE or NO PREFERENCE to edit the employee's availability. 
    2. Under the days of the week, CLICK & DRAG across the timeline bar to highlight all of the shift times below that fall into the specific time range. A pop-up box will appear and you can mark your employee's availability for all highlighted shifts as available, unavailable, or no preference. **Please note that clicking and dragging a time range in the MY AVAILABILITY section does not mark an employee as available, you must select an option in the pop-up box. You may also click and drag multiple blocks of time on a single day to edit or mark an employee's availability. 
    3. To mark an employee's availability the same for all shifts on a single day, on the right side of the page, under SET DAYS AVAILABILITY, click on AVAILABLEUNAVAILABLE or NO PREFERENCE
  7. Shifts marked in red are shifts that you are unavailable for and shifts marked in green are shifts that you are available to work. 
  8. Continue to the next day of the week by selecting a new day on the top row, above MY AVAILABILITY and repeat steps above. You must enter your unique availability for each day. 
  9. Click on SUBMIT TO MANAGER in the bottom right-hand corner to send your availability to your manager for scheduling. 


  • You must enter and save your availability for each individual day. Availability entered and saved on a Monday does not save on any other days, you must enter for each. 
  • The click and drag tool at the top does not automatically mark you as available to work. 
  • You may click and drag multiple times on a single day to mark availability. 
  • Marking availability or leaving it as NO PREFERENCE means an employee is available to work and can be scheduled if there are not enough available employees.