How to create an item to be tracked and monitored

Learn how to create a tracked item within HelloCert and configure it appropriately

How to create a tracked item

  1. In the left-side toolbar, click on APPS. 
  2. In the drop-down menu, hover over HELLOCERT and click on TRACKED ITEMS
  3. Select the green CREATE NEW ITEM icon. 
  4. Enter the NAME of the item you wish to track. 
  5. Choose if the certification CAN EXPIRE
  6. If the certification can expire, enter the DURATION (in days) that the certification is good for, and the amount of time before expiration that you want to receive a WARNING ALERT (in days). 
  7. Click on CHANGE ICON to choose the icon for this certification. 
  8. Add DOCUMENTS after you finish creating an item to be tracked. 
  9. On the bottom-left of the screen, choose which CATEGORIES this certification belongs in. 
    1. To create a new CATEGORY, click on the ADD button. 
  10. Choose which managers will receive the expiration warning alerts by adding in NOTIFICATION GROUPS
    1. To create a new manager NOTIFICATION GROUP, click on the ADD button. 
  11. Select the green CREATE icon at the top of the screen.