How to configure a position for shift-based or hourly-based scheduling

To get started, you will need to set how you would like to collect availability from your employees. The availability collection type is set for each individual position and must be one type or the other.

Shift-based availability allows managers to collect availability using predetermined shift times created in the Shift Templates section. Employees review the standard shift times and indicate whether they are available, unavailable, or have no preference to work. 

Hourly-based availability allows employees to use a freeform calendar to indicate the hours they are available to work each week. If you are using event-based scheduling you will set your position availability type to hourly-based. 

To change the availability type for a position:

  1. Click on SETUP in the left-side toolbar.
  2. Select #3 – POSITION SETTINGS.
  3. Under POSITIONS, select the position you would like to modify settings for.
  4. Under MANAGE SETTINGS, select
  5. Select AVAILABILITY TYPE in the drop-down menu.
  6. If applicable, select APPLY TO ALL POSITIONS.
  7. Click SAVE.