How to auto-generate a schedule for one or multiple positions

After you create your shift templates and collected availability from your staff, you’re ready to generate a schedule.


To generate the schedule:


  1. In the left-side toolbar, click on SCHEDULE.
  2. Select GENERATE
  3. Select a POSITION.
  4. Select the day you would like your schedule to start on.
  5. Select the schedule’s START DATEand END DATE.
  6. In the GENERATE SCHEDULE drop-down menu, select by PRIORITY or FAIRLY BASED ON HOURS.
  7. In the GENERATE FOR DAYS row, select the days of the week you would like to generate for.
  9. Repeat steps 2 -6 to add more positions.
  10. Hover over a position title to drag and drop the order of the positions.
  11. Click the CONTINUE button to the right.
    1. For shift-based positions, an additional button will appear called "MANUAL GENERATION". MANUAL GENERATION allows you to manually assign an employee(s) to specific shift times/days before you do auto-generate the remaining shifts.
  13. Once the generation is complete, click on VIEW CALENDAR.


  • Create shift templates for both shift and hourly-based positions
  • All shifts that are generated will be unpublished on the calendar and will not be visible to employees until you publish them.