How to approve and deny requests for time off

Approve or deny employee requests for time off (RTO) before creating schedules.



  • Pending requests for time off (RTOs) are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
  • When generating a new schedule, SubItUp automatically accounts for time off requests, guaranteeing an employee is never scheduled during an approved request.
  • All requests for time off (RTO) must be approved or denied before a schedule is generated. An unpublished schedule considered a generated schedule and will not update the calendar if you approve or deny RTOs.
  • A request for time off will automatically be denied if it conflicts with an employee’s existing scheduled shift. The requesting employee will be required to find shift coverage by dropping or swapping the shift.
  • Requests for time off (RTOs) are position-specific. An employee that works more than one position will need to have their RTOs approved by each position manager.