How to approve or deny a pending request

Do you want the authority to approve and deny employee shift requests for drops, swaps, and pick-ups? You can manage pending requests for all, or select, positions you manage.

To approve or deny pending requests:


  • Moderation must be turned on in your POSITION SETTINGS.
  • Pending requests are listed in the order they were submitted.
  • If multiple employees request to add the same shift, the manager can select the employee they’d like to work by approving their request. All corresponding pending requests will automatically be denied and employees will be notified.
  • Pending requests also include important information about exceeding maximum work hours based on overtime settings. To guarantee overtime calculations for pending requests are accurate, review your OVERTIME SETTINGS in your POSITION SETTINGS.
  • When the overtime setting is set, the employee’s weekly max hours in the shift detail will be highlighted in red at the top if it will exceed their hours and it will be highlighted in green if it will not exceed their weekly hours.
  • To aid managers in the approval process, the ADDITIONAL INFO button provides details about the employee’s labor costs, scheduled hours, and shift add, drop and swap activities.