How to add links and resources to employee's SubItUp accounts

Add links and resources for your employees to view within their SubItUp account.


1. From the DASHBOARD, hover over the left-side toolbar.

2. Click on APPS.


4. To add a new link, select CREATE NEW LINK

  • NOTE: These links will be available to all employees within your SubItUp account regardless of their position. It is recommended that if a link only pertains to one positions to include the position name in the link title.

5. Check the box if this link is ACTIVE. An active link can be viewed by employees in their account. An inactive link will not be visible to employees.

6. Input the NAME of the link you are creating. If the link is only for a single position, or group of positions, notate this in the name tab.

7. Enter the URL that you want to link to.

8. Choose an ICON that relates to the link provided.

9. Enter in a DESCRIPTION of this link.

10. Enter or create any TAGS associated with this link. Tags are basically ways to group links together so employees or managers can easily search for them.

11. Click SAVE.

12. This link is now created and will be visible to employees in their LINKS AND RESOURCES section.