Domain Name System (DNS) help

What is the problem?
The issue you are experiencing is related to a DNS issue.  DNS is the service that directs traffic on the internet to the correct locations.  When you type in, it resolves to an address that looks like this
Why is this happening?
It's very likely that a networking device on your network has cached (pronounce 'cashed') an old IP address for the site you are trying to access.  Therefore, when you attempt to access a URL/website, your system is being told to go to the wrong location and your browser cannot find the site.
How do I solve this issue?
There are three ways...
  1. Recommended: Request that your IT department flush the DNS associated with the website you cannot access.
  2. Ask your IT department to configure a host file on the system you are trying to use as a time clock.  You will need to provide them the website address you cannot access and this IP address:
  3. Ask your IT department how long their systems cache external DNS records.  This can be a wide range from hours to days.  Based on this situation, it's likely to be days.  Based on this information, you would need to wait, 'x' number of hours or days for the site to function again.