How to manage your calendar

Get insight on how to manage your calendar after you create a schedule.

Product Update December '21: With this update, the calendar will now remember which checkboxes you have previously selected, and which positions have been selected from the white drop-down menu. When you leave the page, or even log out and come back in the next day, these selections will be pre-loaded for you.

Question: On the calendar page, if I change the "root position" from the top-left drop-down menu, my positions loaded on the calendar don't change. Why is that?

Answer: With this newest update, changing positions on the calendar will be completed in the white drop-down menu in the middle of the screen. Once your positions are selected, those same positions will be pre-loaded for you the next time you return to the calendar page. You will no longer need to select the "root position" to change which positions show up on the calendar.